Vision and Mission

We live on a dynamic planet in constant motion that requires long-term continuous quantification of its changes in a truly stable frame of reference. GGOS and its related research and services will address the relevant science issues related to geodesy and geodynamics in the 21st century, but also issues relevant to society (global risk management, geo-hazards, natural resources, climate change, severe storm forecasting, sea level estimations and ocean forecasting, space weather, and others).

It is an ambitious program of a dimension that goes beyond IAG, requiring a strong cooperation within the geodetic, geodynamic and geophysical communities, and externally, to related endeavors and communities. GGOS strives to provide this integration at the highest level, in service to the technical community and society as a whole.


Advancing our understanding of the dynamic Earth system by quantifying our planet’s changes in space and time.


To provide the observations needed to monitor, map, and understand changes in the Earth’s shape, rotation, and mass distribution.

To provide the global geodetic frame of reference that is the fundamental backbone for measuring and consistently interpreting key global change processes and for many other scientific and societal applications.

To benefit science and society by providing the foundation upon which advances in Earth and planetary system science and applications are built.

GGOS Strategic Plan

The implementation of this Strategic Plan is realized by regularly updated GGOS Implementation Plans.