Committees and Working Groups

assigned to Bureau of Networks and Observations

GGOS Committees assigned to the BNO:

  • BNO C1: Committee on Performance Simulations and Architectural Trade-Offs (PLATO)
    • This committee (joint with IAG Sub-Commission 1.1) uses analysis simulation techniques to assess the impact on reference frame products of network configuration, system performance, technique and technology mix, colocation conditions, site ties, space ties (added spacecraft, etc.), analysis and modeling techniques, etc.;
  • BNO C2: Committee on Data and Information Systems
    • This committee is engaged in the development of standardized metadata communication, archiving, and retrieval;
  • BNO C3: Committee on Satellite and Space Missions
    • This committee is working to Improve coordination and information exchange with the missions for better ground-based network response to mission requirements and space-segment adequacy for the realization of GGOS goals;

Joint Working Groups assigned to the BNO:

  • Joint Working Group 1.2.2 on Metrology of Space Geodetic Infrastructure  (joint with IERS)
    • This Working Group (joint with IERS) refines terminology and evaluates technology for ground survey measurements and encourages ground survey support for space geodesy programs;
  • Joint Working Group 1.1.1 on GENESIS mission (joint with IERS)