BPSGGOS Bureau of

Products and Standards


A key objective of the BPS is to keep track of adopted geodetic standards and conventions across all IAG components as a fundamental basis for the generation of consistent geometric and gravimetric products. The work is primarily build on the IAG Service activities in the field of data analysis and combinations. The BPS shall act as contact and coordinating point regarding homogenization of standards and IAG products. Moreover, the BPS interacts with external stakeholders that are involved in standards and conventions, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA), the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and the UN GGIM Subcommittee on Geodesy (SCoG).

The objectives of the BPS may be divided into two major topics/activities:


The BPS shall take over a coordinating role regarding the homogenization of standards and geodetic products. The present status regarding IAG Service products shall be evaluated, including analysis and combination procedures, accuracy assessment with respect to GGOS requirements, documentation and metadata information for IAG products. The Bureau shall initiate steps to identify user needs and requirements for geodetic products and shall contribute to develop new and integrated products. The BPS shall also contribute to the development of the GGOS Portal (as central access point for geodetic products), to ensure interoperability with IAG Service data products and external portals (e.g., GEO, EOSDIS, EPOS, GFZ Data Services).


A key objective is the compilation of an inventory regarding standards, constants, resolutions and conventions adopted by IAG and its components. This includes an assessment of the present status, the identification of gaps and shortcomings concerning geodetic standards and the generation of the IAG products, as well as the provision of recommendations. It is obvious that such an inventory needs to be regularly updated, since the IAG standards and products are continuously evolving. The BPS shall also propose the adoption of new standards where necessary and propagate standards and conventions to the wider scientific community and promote their use. In this context, the BPS recommends the development of a new Geodetic Reference System GRS20XX based on the best estimates of the major parameters related to a geocentric level ellipsoid.