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Geodetic Observation:
Measure Gravity with Atoms

Quantum gravimetry measures the acceleration of gravity, by using freely falling atoms as test masses. They were development for 30 years.
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Geodetic Observation:
Measure Heights with Clocks

Measure heights by clocks with an accuracy of 4 cm over a height difference of 450 m is now possible. Discover this new geodetic technique ...
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GGOS Product:
Terrestrial Reference Frame

How can we provide a stable reference for measuring changes of our planet?
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New Article on Geodesy and Quantum Mechanics

Recently in December 2021 an article was published in the EOS magazine to dive into this interesting scientific part. It is definitely worth reading ...
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Mission Earth Book

The science of measuring the Earth - Presented in an exciting and easy to understand way - Illustrative examples from satellite navigation to climate change

Quest for the Exact Position

The quest for the exact position is an ongoing process allover the world. Take the time and watch this amazing video about geodesy!

Geodetic Products

GGOS developed an unique information platform, where interested users can find geodetic products interactively. They are guided to short and easy understandable descriptions about geodetic products.
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New Height of Mount Everest

The new height of the Mount Everest refers to the International Height Reference System (IHRS), a major enterprise of GGOS.
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Mission Earth

Tracking down Geodynamics and Climate Change with Satellite Geodesy. This book aims at interested nonprofessionals who want to learn more about our fascinating planet, but also at experts in natural sciences.
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A Brief History of Geodesy

Geodesy is a field of study that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth, and it all started when a clever human ...