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The Power of Where

Every day, humanity benefits from geodesy. Geodesy is the science of measuring the size, shape and orientation of our planet and it is a foundation for evidence-based policies, decisions and program delivery. An amazing panel of speakers will present the benefits of geodesy to society in a virtual open forum on Earth Day, the 22 April 2021, starting at 10.30 am (UTC).
April 2, 2021/by admin

GGOS Event Update

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of very interesting geodetic events take place this year. GGOS contributes at large conferences with own sessions…
March 30, 2021/by admin

New Height of Mount Everest

The new height of the Mount Everest refers to the International Height Reference System (IHRS), a major enterprise of GGOS.
January 28, 2021/by admin

Mission Earth

Tracking down Geodynamics and Climate Change with Satellite Geodesy. This book aims at interested nonprofessionals who want to learn more about our fascinating planet, but also at experts in natural sciences.
December 14, 2020/by admin

New GGOS Website

From time to time it is necessary to redesign a website. The old GGOS website was developed in 2016. In the end of 2019, the redesign process started and…
November 27, 2020/by admin

A Brief History of Geodesy

Geodesy is a field of study that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth, and it all started when a clever human ...
October 30, 2020/by admin

AGU 2020 – GGOS Session

This year the AGU Fall Meeting 2020 will be held as an virtual conference due to travel restrictions by Coronavirus. AGU2020 is scheduled from 1-17 December.
October 23, 2020/by admin

GGOS Days 2020

GGOS Days is the annual meeting of GGOS during which the different components of GGOS meet and report on their activities during the past year and their…
September 4, 2020/by admin
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