BNOGGOS Bureau of

Networks and Observations

Organizational Structure

Director: José Rodríguez (Spain – IGN)
Deputy: Martin Lidberg (Sweden – Lantmäteriet)


  • PLATO Committee: Alexander Kehm (Germany), Benjamin Männel (Germany)
  • Missions Committee: Roland Pail (Germany), C.K. Shum (USA)
  • Data and Information: Ryan Ruddick (Australia), Elisabetta D’Anastasio (New Zealand)
  • IERS: Ryan Hippenstiel (USA)
  • IGFS: Riccardo Barzaghi (Italy), George Vergos (Greece)
  • IVS: Hayo Hase (Germany), Dirk Behrend (USA)
  • ILRS: Clément Courde (France), Toshimichi Otsubo (Japan)
  • IGS: Allison Craddock (USA), Markus Bradke (Germany)
  • IDS: Jérôme Saunier (France), Guilhem Moreaux (France)
  • Tide Gauges: Elizabeth Bradshaw (UK), Lesley Rickards (UK)
  • Richard Gross (USA)

Much of the work of the Bureau is done by the BNO Committees and the Working Group that have close synergy with the networks and observations.

José Rodríguez

José Rodríguez

Director of BNO

Red de Infraestructuras Geodésicas RIG, Instituto Geográfico Nacional IGN, Spain

Martin Lidberg

Martin Lidberg

Deputy Director of BNO

Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorit