Science Panel

The GGOS Science Panel is an independent and multi‐disciplinary advisory board that provides scientific support and guidance to the GGOS steering and coordination entities as requested. This support may include organization of relevant scientific sessions at conferences, workshops, and other events.

The IAG Commissions and Inter-Commission Committees each nominate two candidates to the Science Panel subject to approval by the CB. The CB may appoint additional Members-at-Large to the Science Panel in order to provide balance in representation of geographical regions or unique capabilities. The immediate past Chair of the Science Panel is a Member of the Science Panel.

The Science Panel will elect its own Chair to be approved by the CB.

Latest presentation about the GGOS Science Panel:

GGOS organization structre
Chair of GGOS Science PanelKosuke Heki (Japan)
IAG Commission 1Markus Rothacher (Switzerland)
Geoff Blewitt (USA)
IAG Commission 2Kosuke Heki (Japan)
Thomas Gruber (Germany)
IAG Commission 3Jianli Chen (USA)
Jose Ferrandiz (Spain)
IAG Commission 4Jens Wickert (Germany)
Pawel Wielgosz (Poland)
ICCTYoshiyuki Tanaka (Japan)
Mattia Crespi (Italy)
ICCMPierre Sakic (Germany)
Keiichi Tadokoro (Japan)
ICCCAnna Klos (Poland)
Carmen Blackwood (USA)
IAG Project QuGeJürgen Muller (Germany)
Michel Van Camp (Belgium)
Focus Area Unified Height SystemM. Sideris (Canada)
Focus Area GeohazardsP. Lognonne (France)
Focus Area Geodetic Space WeatherEhsan Forootan (UK/Germany)
Focus Area AI for GeodesyN.N.
Immediate past chair of the SPRichard Gross (USA)
Kosuke Heki

Kosuke Heki

Chair of GGOS Science Panel