Science Panel

The GGOS Science Panel is an independent and multidisciplinary advisory board that provides scientific support and guidance to the GGOS steering and coordination entities as requested. This support includes in particular, assistance in revising and updating the content of the GGOS 2020 book and organizing relevant scientific sessions at conferences, workshops, and other events.

José Manuel Ferrándiz

José Manuel Ferrándiz

Chair of GGOS Science Panel

University of Alicante (UA), Spain


The members of the GGOS Science Panel are delegates from the IAG Commissions, ICCs and Projects and from the GGOS Focus Areas. Members-at-large may also be nominated when specific scientific topics not covered by the IAG are to be discussed. Membership of the GGOS Science Panel follows the usual four-year term. Renewal of this membership takes place during the IUGG General Assemblies.


Each IAG Commission, ICC and Project is invited to nominate two delegates to the GGOS Science Panel. Each GGOS Focus Area is invited to nominate one delegate to the GGOS Science Panel. Delegates appointed to the GGOS Science Panel as representatives of the IAG Commissions, ICCs, Projects or GGOS Focus Areas must be internationally recognized scientists who are experts in the topics they represent. All nominated delegates must be approved by the GGOS Governing Board. The GGOS Governing Board may appoint additional at-large members to the GGOS Science Panel to cover scientific topics not covered by the IAG.

After a four-year term, it is at the discretion of each IAG component and GGOS Focus Area to renew its representation with the same delegate(s) or to nominate a different colleague(s). In the event that a representative is unable to participate in the duties of the GGOS Science Panel (due to illness, retirement, change of affiliation, etc.), the GGOS President, with the support of the GGOS Coordinating Office, shall request a new appointment (replacement) from the respective IAG component or Focus Area.

The immediate past Chair of the GGOS Science Panel is a Member of the GGOS Science Panel.

The GGOS Science Panel elects its own Chair, who is approved by the GGOS Governing Board. The GGOS Science Panel Chair is appointed for a period of four years, renewable once.


Chair of GGOS Science PanelJose Ferrandiz (Spain)
IAG Commission 1Xavier Collileux (France)
Zinovy Malkin (Russia)
IAG Commission 2Kosuke Heki (Japan)
Thomas Gruber (Germany)
IAG Commission 3Jianli Chen (USA)
Jose Ferrandiz (Spain)
IAG Commission 4Jens Wickert (Germany)
Pawel Wielgosz (Poland)
ICCTYoshiyuki Tanaka (Japan)
Mattia Crespi (Italy)
ICCMPierre Sakic (Germany)
Keiichi Tadokoro (Japan)
ICCCAnna Klos (Poland)
Carmen Blackwood (USA)
IAG Project QuGeJürgen Muller (Germany)
Marvin Reich (Germany)
Focus Area GeohazardsLucie Rolland (France)
Focus Area Geodetic Space WeatherEhsan Forootan (UK/Germany)
Focus Area AI for GeodesyMaria Kaselimi (Switzerland)
Immediate past chair of the SPKosuke Heki (Japan)

(As of November 2023)

Presentation about the GGOS Science Panel