Mission Earth Book

The science of measuring the Earth
Presented in an exciting and easy to understand way
Illustrative examples from satellite navigation to climate change
How geodesy has become an integral part of our daily life

How does your cell phone know where you are right now? How is our planet changing due to geodynamic processes and ongoing climate change? How can we measure these changes precisely from space in order to obtain reliable information about the melting of ice sheets or the threat to coastal regions from rising sea levels? This popular science book provides answers to these and many other socially relevant questions. With interview contributions by Günter Hein, Harald Lesch und Stefan Rahmstorf.

Mission Earth is aimed at interested nonprofessionals who want to learn more about our fascinating planet, but also at experts in natural sciences. You are taken on an exciting journey through time from the first surveys in ancient times to the satellite era, which is providing us with a global view of our home planet. Using illustrative examples, the authors convey how deeply global positioning and navigation with satellites pervade our daily life, and what fundamental contributions geodesy makes to understanding the Earth system and determining the effects of climate change.

D. Angermann | R. Pail | F. Seitz | U. Hugentobler
Mission Earth – Geodynamics and Climate Change Observed Through Satellite Geodesy

English Version: ISBN 978-3-662-64105-7 (date of publishing 31.01.2022)

German Version: ISBN 978-3-662-62338-1 (published since February 2021)