Geodetic Products

An Extensive Information Platform

A primary goal of GGOS is the integration of the different geodetic observation techniques and models to obtain consistent geodetic products for the “three pillars” Geometry, Earth Rotation and Gravity as the basis for studying the Earth system and the interactions between its sub-components and the outer space. To ensure consistent results and to fully benefit from the technological improvements and high accuracy of the geodetic observations, reliable reference frames as well as common standards, conventions and models are essential for the data analysis and product generation. With modern instrumentation and techniques, geodesy is today capable of detecting signals emitted by the Earth system ranging from large and secular scales to very small and transient deformations with increasing spatial and temporal resolution, high accuracy, and decreasing latency.


Usage of Geodetic Products

With the precise observations and the derived products, geodesy provides the foundation to improve the understanding of our dynamic planet and to monitor global change phenomena such as ice melting and global sea level rise. The geodetic products are also crucial for future Earth system predictions, to develop prevention and mitigation programs, and to improve the forecast of natural hazards. For this task, different Earth and social sciences are using the geodetic products as core input data to improve and enhance their research and outcomes.

Interactive Overview and Easy Understandable Descriptions

GGOS developed an unique information platform, where interested users can find geodetic products interactively. They are guided to short and easy understandable descriptions about geodetic products. Please visit this new and recently published information platform and immerse into the world of geodetic products.

GGOS Products Website: https://ggos.org/products


The various types of geodetic products can be classified in two main groups: The target group of the classification “Geodetic Themes” is mainly the geodetic community. On the other side, the classification in “Earth System Components & Space” addresses more people which are not so familiar with geodesy. This information portal was realized with the contribution of the GGOS Coordinating Office, the GGOS Bureau of Products and Standards, the GGOS Science Panel, the IAG Services and a lot of other contributers from the geodetic community.

In futures additional geodetic products will be added.