GGOS Days 2022 & Strategic Plan Workshop

GGOS organized the annual GGOS Days this year at November 14-15, 2022 in Munich (Germany) as a hybrid meeting at the Bavarian Academy of Science and Humanities (BAdW) in the Residenz. In total 111 interested people participated in this conference. 33 of them in-person and 78 virtually. The GGOS Days 2022 meeting was locally organized by the DGK (German Geodetic Commission), the BAdW (Bavarian Academy of Science and Humanities) and the TUM (Technical University of Munich).

The conference started with an Opening Session with presentations on DGK, IAG and GGOS. It was followed by the Keynote Speaker Session with presentations covering novel geodetic technologies and procedures as well as contributions of geodesy to climate change processes. In addition, all GGOS components reported on their recent activities and presented their plans for the coming year. It includes the two GGOS Bureaus, the three GGOS Focus Areas, the two GGOS Affiliates, the GGOS Science Panel, the GGOS Coordinating Office as well as the GGOS Committees and the GGOS Working Groups. The GGOS Days also provided space for fruitful discussions. All in all, this conference was very successful.

Directly after the GGOS Days 2022 the GGOS Strategic Plan Workshop was convened at the same venue on November 16-17, 2022. Key people within GGOS and IAG discussed together with invited IAG Service representatives the future direction and goals of GGOS. The discussion was based on the results of a community survey to develop a new strategy of GGOS.

You can find the conference minutes, all presentation slides, a photo gallery, the GGOS status reports and the recorded conference at the GGOS Days 2022 website: