GGOS Session at EGU 2022

During the next EGU 2022 General Assembly, GGOS will have its own session about Geodesy for Science and Society. This session welcomes contributions on general GGOS topics, particularly those related to scientific and social aspects of GGOS…

GGOS on YouTube

GGOS has recently launched its own YouTube channel. On this channel, self-produced videos of GGOS are available as well as interesting links to other geodesy related films.
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Mission Earth Book

The science of measuring the Earth - Presented in an exciting and easy to understand way - Illustrative examples from satellite navigation to climate change

Quest for the Exact Position

The quest for the exact position is an ongoing process allover the world. Take the time and watch this amazing video about geodesy!

Geodetic Products

GGOS developed an unique information platform, where interested users can find geodetic products interactively. They are guided to short and easy understandable descriptions about geodetic products.


The national geodetic commissions of Germany (DGK), Austria (ÖGK) and Switzerland (SGK), encompassing the D-A-CH region, joint their efforts in GGOS-related activities. They were now approved by the GGOS CB as a new GGOS Affiliate.

GGOS Days 2021

GGOS Days is the annual meeting of GGOS during which the different components of GGOS meet and report on their activities. Everyone is encouraged to attend!
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Quantum Gravimetry in Space and on Ground

This IAG Workshop is scheduled to be as an virtual meeting on 26th and 27th of May 2021 (2:00-5:00 PM CET) and aims at covering a broad scope of quantum gravity sensing, from the development of the sensors and their characterization, to a large panel of present and future applications.
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The Power of Where

Every day, humanity benefits from geodesy. An amazing panel of speakers presented the benefits of geodesy to society in a virtual open forum.
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GGOS Event Update

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of very interesting geodetic events take place this year. GGOS contributes at large conferences with own sessions or organize it's own conference (GGOS Days). Please have a look at and save the dates of the…