Introduction in Basic Geodetic Concepts – EGU2022

The Geodesy 101 course at #EGU22 was very well attended and was a perfect way to learn more about geodetic principles.  This course is for geoscientists to learn more about geodesy. Don't miss it next year at EGU...
GGOS Japan

GGOS Japan
new Logo and Film

GGOS Japan is a group to ensure close cooperation among the GGOS related institutions in Japan and to effectively foster activities associated with GGOS. This GGOS affiliate and it's GGOS Japan members are very active. They have now developed…
GGOS Film - Discover GGOS and Geodesy© GGOS (background by NASA)

New Versions

We recently published two new language versions of the "Discover GGOS" film. It is now available in French and Portuguese, beside of English, Spanish, German and Japanese.