GGOS Japan
new Logo and Film

GGOS Japan is a group to ensure close cooperation among the GGOS related institutions in Japan and to effectively foster activities associated with GGOS. This GGOS affiliate and it’s GGOS Japan members are very active. They have now developed their own logo.

In cooperation with the GGOS Coordinating Office they have further developed a Japanese Version of the new “Discover GGOS” film. In addition they have produced a film about the GSI Ishioka Geodetic Station (Japan) and determining the local-tie vector betweeen GNSS and VLBI. This video is also available in Japanese. Please subscribe to the GGOS YouTube channel if you don’t want to miss new videos by GGOS.

Also available in Japanese…

GGOS Japan presented their current activities at the last GGOS Days 2021:

The “Discover GGOS” film in Japanese: