New GGOS Website

From time to time it is necessary to redesign a website. The old GGOS website was developed in 2016. In the end of 2019, the redesign process started and it is now time to launch the completely new GGOS website with a lot of enhanced features …

The main purpose of redesigning the GGOS Website was to develop a new web-presence with:

  • easy understandable content,
  • good search function,
  • simple and clear menu structure, and
  • responsive design.

New Focus of GGOS Website

Furthermore, we have changed the focus of the new GGOS website. Now it mainly emphasis on GGOS as the Observing System, which relies on the:

They are established and managed by a large international scientific community (* the affiliated final subpages will be available soon). To get more information about GGOS itself, you can visit the About GGOS page to learn more about What is GGOS, Why GGOS, the Dual Roles of GGOS, the GGOS Vision and Mission, the GGOS History and the GGOS organizational structure and GGOS components. If you are interested in upcoming (or past) meetings of GGOS, please visit the GGOS Events pages. Public available GGOS documents are available at the GGOS Documents page.


Last but not least a completely new part was created for the new website – the GGOS Blog. It is divided into three categories:

  • NEWS – to get the latest news about GGOS
  • INTRODUCTION – Introduction into geodesy and GGOS
  • ARTICLES – Interesting Popular Articles about Geodesy (coming soon)

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Video Presentation about GGOS Website

To learn more about the GGOS Website and the GGOS Coordinating Office, please watch the presentation about Recent Activities and Achievements in GGOS Coordinating Office given at the AGU2020 Fall Meeting.