Geodetic Services

The IAG Services generates products, by collecting and analyzing their own observations and/or observations of other services, relevant for geodesy and for other sciences and applications. Accuracy and robustness of products, quality control, timeliness, and state of the art quality are the essential aspects of the Services. The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) works, as a part of the IAG, together with the IAG Services to facilitate the production of geodetic products (including the geometric reference frames and the gravity field models) that are fundamental to science and society.

The following Services are “Level-1” IAG-Services they are classified in “Geometric & General Services” and “Gravity Services”. The so-called “Gravity Services” are all coordinated by the IGFS (International Gravity Field Service). In addition to these “Level-1” IAG-Services the IGFS coordinates the IGFS Product Center COST-G.