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IAG Statement on Ukraine

IAG issued an official statement expressing its deep dismay and concern about the military offensives in Ukraine. GGOS is changing its logo color for the next few weeks as a sign of solidarity.
© Per Helge Andersen

New eBook:
One-mm Accuracy Unified Geocentric
Terrestrial Reference System

A new eBook with the title "How to establish and maintain a one-mm accuracy unified Geocentric Terrestrial Reference System - A theoretical model" was now published.
© Springer - Angermann

Book Review – Mission Earth

Read this book review by Hansjörg Kutterer about the recently published "Mission Earth" book about the science of measuring the Earth.
© GGOS (background by NASA)

Discover GGOS – The Film

Do you know what geodesy is exactly and what GGOS does? This film immerses you in the world of geodesy and outlines its benefits for society.

GGOS Newsletter – New Design

The new GGOS newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of each month containing latest News and upcoming Events. Furthermore the design of the new GGOS newsletter has been improved and modernized.

GGOS Session at EGU 2022

During the next EGU 2022 General Assembly, GGOS will have its own session about Geodesy for Science and Society. This session welcomes contributions on general GGOS topics, particularly those related to scientific and social aspects of GGOS…

GGOS on YouTube

GGOS has recently launched its own YouTube channel. On this channel, self-produced videos of GGOS are available as well as interesting links to other geodesy related films.

Geodetic Products

GGOS developed an unique information platform, where interested users can find geodetic products interactively. They are guided to short and easy understandable descriptions about geodetic products.


The national geodetic commissions of Germany (DGK), Austria (ÖGK) and Switzerland (SGK), encompassing the D-A-CH region, joint their efforts in GGOS-related activities. They were now approved by the GGOS CB as a new GGOS Affiliate.

GGOS Days 2021

GGOS Days is the annual meeting of GGOS during which the different components of GGOS meet and report on their activities. Everyone is encouraged to attend!