Call for Nomination – Director of the Bureau of Networks and Observations

GGOS is seeking nominations for the position of Director of the GGOS Bureau of Networks and Observations (GGOS-BNO). The outgoing Director, Michael Pearlman, will be stepping down once we have a new GGOS-BNO Director. So, this is your opportunity to take on this important leadership role!

GGOS-BNO is responsible for devising a strategy for the sustainable design, integration, and maintenance of the fundamental geodetic infrastructure to meet the long-term requirements for the realisation of a high-precision global geodetic frame of reference. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the necessary infrastructure to sustain the evolving global reference frames, while ensuring wider support for the scientific applications of the collected data. The GGOS-BNO Director plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient communication and collaboration among the various IAG Services and stakeholders concerned with deploying and maintaining ground and space-based geodetic infrastructure. Key responsibilities include coordinating and addressing requirements and challenges encountered by the IAG Services in an integrated manner. The activities managed by the GGOS-BNO Director encompass in particular:

  • Advocating and encouraging expansion and upgrade of the global geodetic network of reference for the maintenance and improvement of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF), the International Terrestrial Gravity Reference Frame (ITGRF) and the International Height Reference Frame (IHRF).
  • Promoting broad participation of geometric and non-geometric Services in GGOS.
  • Encouraging formation of partnerships to build and upgrade the network infrastructure, in particular the installation of new geodetic core sites in regions with poor coverage.
  • Providing the opportunity for representatives of the IAG Services and associated GGOS-BNO Committees and Working Groups to meet and share progress and plans and discuss issues of common interest through the organisation of GGOS-BNO virtual meetings and at major international conferences such as EGU, AGU and the GGOS Days.
  • Scoping of the required network and project network status in the future (5 and 10 years ahead) based on input from the stations and Services to anticipate data product quality for the ITRF, ITGRF and IHRF.
  • Working with the UN Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (UN-GGCE) as well as the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN GGIM) and its affiliates to develop a plan for the improvement of the global geodetic reference networks to satisfy the accuracy requirements for the monitoring of the Earth System: an accuracy of 1 mm and a stability at a level of 0.1 mm/year.
  • Presenting talks and posters about the GGOS-BNO at major international conferences such as AGU, EGU, IAG, JpGU-AGU, AOGS, etc. with the aim of promoting awareness of GGOS amongst the scientific community.
  • Write letters to support stations and analysis and research groups.

For the successful implementation of these activities, the GGOS-BNO Director is supported by a robust organisational structure comprised of representatives from all IAG Services, three Committees including Performance Simulations and Architectural Trade-Offs (PLATO), Satellite Missions and Data and Information Systems, and the Working Group Site Survey and Co-location (together with the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems – IERS). For further insights regarding GGOS-BNO, please consult the latest terms of reference of the BNO.

The Nomination Committee is composed of Michael Pearlman, Director of the GGOS-BNO, Detlef Angermann, Director of the GGOS Bureau of Products and Standards (GGOS-BPS), and Laura Sánchez, President of GGOS.


Applications are open to anyone currently involved in any of the IAG Services or Service Products. Knowledge of the work dynamics within the IAG is desirable.

Nomination Process:

If you know of a qualified colleague or wish to nominate yourself for the position, please submit the following information to the GGOS Coordinating Office, by January 26, 2024:

  1. Full Name
  2. Contact Information
  3. Brief Biography
  4. Statement of Interest
  5. Letter of support from employer (agency, university, institute, etc.) indicating that the candidate will be able to perform the duties, commitments, roles and responsibilities outlined in this call for nomination.

Selection Process:

Nominations will be considered by the Nomination Committee, which will seek additional information from candidates as necessary. This Committee will rank the candidates in order of preference and submit the application to the GGOS Governing Board, whose members will vote to approve the new Director. Once a decision has been made, the selected colleague will be informed. Michael Pearlman plans to remain on the GGOS-BNO and will work with the new Director to help with the transition.


  • Call for Nominations: December 13, 2023
  • Deadline for Nominations: January 26, 2024
  • Selection Process: February 15, 2024

If you know of a qualified colleague or wish to nominate yourself for the position, we encourage all eligible colleagues to consider this important leadership opportunity. Your involvement will contribute to the success and growth of GGOS.

Thank you for your support.


Michael Pearlman, Detlef Angermann, Laura Sánchez