EGU 2024 Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for next year’s EGU General Assembly (14-19 April 2024) is open and we invite you to submit an abstract for the GGOS session

Global Geodetic Observing System: The Reference for Earth System Monitoring

High precision modern geodetic observations enable comprehensive monitoring of multiple spheres of the Earth. They record fingerprints of changes within the Earth System, providing crucial information to address major scientific issues, e.g., natural hazards, climate changes, global water cycles. Interpreting geodetic observations requires implementation of reference frames, analysis techniques and models with accuracy comparable to or exceeding the observations. Consequently, geodesy expanded its scope from just measuring geometry, gravity, and rotation of the Earth to understanding fingerprints recorded there and has become a key science to understand the Earth System for functioning and sustainability of our society. The Global Geodetic Observing System realizes the metrological basis for monitoring the Earth System. It is designed to unite individual geodetic observations and model them into one consistent frame with the highest precision available. We welcome contributions relevant to GGOS, particularly its scientific and social aspects, infrastructure, products, and activities of geodetic services.

Please share this with your colleagues. Abstracts can be submitted until January 10, 2024.

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