UN-GGCE “Listening World Tour” – IAG

Virtual Meeting between IAG and UN-GGCE


The United Nations Global Geodetic Center of Excellence UN-GGCE will be hosting two listening sessions to maximize the opportunity for participation from IAG members all around the world. Both sessions will have the same agenda, so please choose which time suits you.

Concept Note

The vision of the United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (UN-GGCE) is one where all countries have strong political support for geodesy which enables them to – together – accelerate the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals and derive social, environmental and economic benefits. Our objective is to work with Member States and geodetic organizations to strengthen our collective impact to:

  • Enhance investment in the global geodesy supply
  • Improve coordination and collaboration amongst Member States and geodetic
  • Share geodetic data and improve standards, on a voluntary basis, to contribute to the global reference frame and regional
  • Provide greater technical assistance, especially for capacity development in geodesy for developing
  • Make geodesy and its benefits more visible and understandable to society.

The UN-GGCE recognizes the important role the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) plays in the geodetic community. In particular, the enormous in-kind contribution IAG representatives and their respective Member States / organizations provide throughout the supply chain of infrastructure construction and operation, data collection, analysis, product development and data sharing. The UN- GGCE’s role is not to duplicate any of the work being done by the IAG. Instead, one of the UN-GGCE roles is to support IAG to continue to deliver on its mission and objectives.

The staff in the UN-GGCE would like to meet with IAG representatives, listen to you and better understand how we can assist you.


The “Listening World Tour” virtual meeting will be open to members of IAG.

  • Session A: 28th November 2023 | 07:00 UTC (11:00 UTC+4 / 16:00 UTC+9 / 18:00 UTC+11)
  • Session B: 28th November 2023 | 15:00 UTC (12:00 UTC -3 / 10:00 UTC-5 / 07:00 UTC-8)

More information

IAG Listening Tour – IAG Concept Note (Agenda, Registration) [PDF]


Author: UN-GGCE

Editor: Martin Sehnal