Global Geodetic Center of Excellence – Opening Ceremony

The Secretariat of the UN-GGIM, in cooperation with the German Federal Government, hosted the opening ceremony of the United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence (UN-GGCE) on March 29 at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany. About 100 people from all continents and countless organizations were represented at this impressive event.

VIDEO: about the GGCE opening ceremony (German only!)

The UN-GGCE (Global Geodetic Center of Excellence) was initiated to assist UN Member States and geodetic organizations in coordinating and collaborating to maintain, enhance, access, and use an accurate, accessible, and sustainable GGRF (Global Geodetic Reference Frame) in support of science, society, and global development. The goal is to support, within available resources, the implementation of UN General Assembly Resolution 69/266 by strengthening and advancing global geodetic cooperation and coordination, global geodetic infrastructure, standards and policies, education, training and capacity development, and communication and awareness, while coordinating activities and monitoring their implementation.

ARTICLE: Official statement by the BKG

In November 2022, an agreement was signed between the United Nations and the Federal Republic of Germany that sets out the modalities for operationalizing the UN GGCE. This agreement forms the basis for the start of the UN-GGCE’s operations. The UN-GGCE is located in the UN Campus in Bonn, where three persons are directly employed by the UN. In addition, at least four more persons will work as national secondments in the UN-GGCE. Each UN member country is invited to participate in the UN-GGCE through delegates. The activity, its extent (full-time / part-time), the duration and the type (virtual or in presence in Bonn) is freely selectable. The more people participate, the better and faster the common goals can be achieved.

LINK: GGCE website