Abstract Submission Deadlines – EGU and IUGG conferences

In the first half of next year two main conferences will be held. The EGU General Assembly on 23-28 April 2023, and the IUGG General Assembly on 11-20 July 2023. It will be a while before the conferences take place, but the abstract submission deadline is getting closer. So please do not forget to submit an abstract for these conferences in time. We invite you to submit an abstract to our GGOS sessions there.

EGU General Assembly (Vienna, Austria)

Abstract submission deadline: 10 January, 2023 (13:00 CET) (upload abstract)

GGOS session: “G2.3 GGOS: Geodesy for Sustainable Earth Observation


IUGG General Assembly (Berlin, Germany)

Abstract submission deadline: 14 February 2023 (upload abstract)

GGOS session: G06 Monitoring and Understanding the Dynamic Earth with Geodetic Observations”