Successful Unified Analysis Workshop 2022

The Unified Analysis Workshop UAW 2022 which took place end of October 2022 in the beautiful city Thessaloniki in Greece. It was a very successful conference based on intensive discussions to advance geodesy. Many thanks to all participants…

AGU Fall Meeting 2022 – Sessions of IAG and GGOS

The AGU Fall Meeting 2022 will be held in Chicago on 12 - 16 December 2022. The IAG contributes with three main sessions based on ITRF, IGS and GGOS. Don't miss to attend them in-person or virtually from everywhere. Please find further information…

Contribution of Geodesy to Interdisciplinary Products

It is impressive to see the contribution that geodesy / gravimetry can make to other sciences and how advanced products are created that can be used.

GGOS Days 2022

GGOS Days is the annual meeting of GGOS during which the different components of GGOS meet and report on their activities during the past year and their plans for the coming year. It takes place as a 2 days hybrid meeting in Munich (Germany)…