Geodesy 2030

Don’t miss this recently published paper on the current activities and future tasks of Geodesy towards 2030:

Summary: Geodesy plays a central role in monitoring changes of our planet on all relevant spatial and temporal scales using dedicated measurement systems. It applies sophisticated analysis techniques to provide various products to the user community. This paper reports the current status of its activities and identifies future tasks of Geodesy towards 2030. In this context, a key task will be the realization of an innovative, integral and interdisciplinary approach.

Authors: Jürgen Müller (chair) and Roland Pail (co-chair) of the DGK Division Geodesy (Erdmessung)

DOI: 10.12902/zfv-0392-2022

Link to PDF – zfv_online-only_Mueller_et-al_EN_2022.pdf