GGOS Consortium

!!! In 2023 the GGOS Coordinating Board (CB) and the GGOS Consortium were merged to the GGOS Governing Board (GB). The election and appointment of its members is in progress !!!

The GGOS Consortium is the voice and essentially the large steering committee of GGOS. It reviews the GGOS progress, activities, and nominates and votes for the candidates for the elected positions on the GGOS Coordinating Board.

The GGOS Consortium is comprised of two designated representatives from each IAG component, which designate their representatives. The Chair of an IAG Service Governing or Directing Board, and the Director of the Central Bureau or Coordinating Office, as well as Commission and Inter-Commission-Committee Presidents and Vice Presidents may be those designated members.

However, no person may represent two or more components, and no one may have more than one vote. The presiding Chair of the GGOS is, by default, the Chair of the Consortium. GGOS Consortium decisions are based on consensus. Decisions requiring a vote are decided by simple majority of the votes cast. The quorum is met when at least fifty percent of members are present, but electronic voting is acceptable provided a quorum responds.

The Consortium is the electing body for the GGOS Coordinating Board. The Consortium will meet at least once a year.

GGOS organization structre

Members (2019-2023)

GGOS PresidentBasara Miyahara
IAG Services
BGISylvain Bonvalot
Sean Bruinsma
ICGEME. Sinem Ince
IDSFrank Lemoine
Laurent Soudarin
IERSDaniela Thaller
Robert Heinkelmann
ISGUrs Marti
Jianliang Huang
IGFSRiccardo Barzaghi
Georgios S. Vergos
IGSNicholas Brown
Arturo Villiger
ILRSToshimichi Otsubo
Erricos Pavlis
IVSAxel Nothnagel
Dirk Behrend
PSMSLElizabeth Bradshaw
Andy Matthews
IGETSHartmut Wziontek
Christoph Förste
IDEMSKevin M. Kelly
Christian Hirt
IAG Commissions
Reference FramesChristopher Kotsakis
Tonie Van Dam
Gravity FieldAdrian Jäggi
Mirko Reguzzoni
Earth Rotation and GeodynamicsJanusz Bogusz
Chengli Huang
Positioning and ApplicationsPawel Wielgosz
Michael Schmidt
IAG Inter Commission Committees (ICC)
ICC on TheoryPavel Novak
Dimitrios Tsoulis
ICC on Climate ResearchAnette Eicker
Carmen Boening
ICC on Marine ResearchYuanxi Yang
Heidrun Kopp
GGOS Affiliates
GGOS JapanYusuke Yokota
GGOS D-A-CHMarkus Rothacher