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updated: Nov 18, 2019

DORIS Systematic Errors and Biases:

South Atlantic Anomaly Compensation
Guilhem Moreaux
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Petr Štěpánek
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Non-conservative Force Modeling
Frank Lemoine
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GNSS Systematic Errors and Biases:

GNSS Orbit Modeling Consideration
Tim Springer
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Possible Contribution of GNSS to the Definition of the ITRF2020 Scale Based on the Galileo Satellite Phase Center Offsets - Part 1
Arturo Villiger
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Possible Contribution of GNSS to the Definition of the ITRF2020 Scale Based on the Galileo Satellite Phase Center Offsets - Part 2
Paul Rebischung
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Multi-GNSS Orbit Combinations
Salim Masoumi and Michael Moore
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Using Geodetic Observations for Numerical Weather Prediction and
Climate Studies

Mayra Oyola
Surface Loading at the Observational Level Impact on GNSS and VLBI
Benjamin Männel
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VLBI Systematic Errors and Biases:

Galactic Aberration and its Effects on the CRF on the TRF
Dan MacMillan
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Source Structure Effects
James Anderson, Minghui Xu, Robert Heinkelmann, Susanne Lunz, and Harald Schuh
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Photogrammetric Measurement of Gravitational Deformations of a VGOS Antenna using UAV
Cornelia Eschelbach, Michael Lösler, Rüdiger Haas, and Ansgar Greiwe
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Effect of Gravitational Deformation of VLBI Antennas on the TRF and EOP
John Gipson
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Instantaneous Measurement of Earth Angular Velocity Using Phase Delay Rate
Oleg Titov
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SLR Systematic Errors and Biases:

Upgraded CoM Modeling for Geodetic SLR Targets: Accuracy, Sources
of Uncertainty and Errors

Jose Rodriguez
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Status of the SSEM PP and the New Systematics Model
Cinzia Luceri
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The ILRS ASC Planned Contribution to ITRF2020
Erricos C. Pavlis
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Development of a Future Product Based on Multiple SLR Targets
Mathis Blossfeld
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Proposed Model for Horizontal Tropospheric Refraction Gradients
Krzysztof Sosnica
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Gravity Models for POD:

Augmentation and Verification by SLR of the Low-Degree Harmonics from GRACE and GRACE Follow-on
John Ries
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Gravity Modeling Changes for the ILRS Reanalysis for ITRF2020
Erricos C. Pavlis
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COST-G: the new Product Center of the International Gravity Field Service of the IAG
Ulrich Meyer and Rolf Dach
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Gravity models used at CNES (time variable gravity, dealiasing products, ocean tides)
Jean-Michel Lemoine
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CNES DORIS-based Models of Time-Varying Mass Concentration
John Moyard
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Global Space Geodesy Infrastructure:

ILRS, Status and Plans
Michael Pearlman and Carey Noll
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IVS Status and Plans: Transition from S/X to VGOS
John Gipson
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The DORIS Ground Network, Current Status and Future Prospects
Jerome Saunier and Guilhem Moreaux
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IGS GNSS Infrastructure: Building Resilience in a Changing GNSS Landscape
Nacho Romero
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How the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level is Responding to Change
Elizabeth Bradshaw
Update from the IGFS
Sylvain Bonvalot
The NASA Space Geodesy Network
Stephen Merkowitz
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An Update from BKG
Christian Plötz
The Russian Laser Ranging Network: Achieved Progress and Plans for the Future
Sergey Martynov, et al.
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An Update from the Chinese Network
Zhang Zhongping and Mike Pearlman
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Standards, Conventions and Formats:

Permanent tide: a station displacement? Or a permanent component of the station position?
Laura Sánchez
Icon (467.9 KB)
Review of Chapter 1 of IERS Conventions - Section 1.2 Numerical Standards
Detlef Angermann and Nick Stamatakos
Icon (1.1 MB)
Review of Chapter 5 of IERS Conventions
Nick Stamatakos, Detlef Angermann and Dennis McCarthy
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Review of Nutation Issues
Jose Ferrandiz and Alberto Escapa
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High Frequency EOP Models
John Gipson
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Review of the Solid Earth and Pole Tides in the IERS Convention
Jean-Paul Boy
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VLBI, LLR & GNSS Solutions at the Institute of Applied Astronomy RAS
Dmitry Pavlov, et al.
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DOIs for Geodetic Data Sets:

Simplifying Access to Geodetic Datasets using Digital Object Identifiers
Martin Sehnal
Icon (874.0 KB)
Geodetic Data Publication and Citation Strategies using DOIs with Examples from GFZ Data Services
Kirsten Elger
Icon (1.8 MB)
Current Implementation and Application of DOIs for Geodetic Data Products at AIUB
Pierre Fridez
Icon (679.0 KB)
DOI Panel Discussion
Kirsten Elger and Allison Craddock (Moderators)
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Global Unified Height System:

Status of the International Height Reference Frame (IHRF)
Laura Sánchez
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Reference Systems and Frames:

Toward ITRF2020: Improving the Modeling of Nonlinear Station Motions
Zuheir Altamimi, et al.
Icon (588.2 KB)
Preparing the ITRF2020: How to Consider Non-tidal Loading Signals in Reference System Realizations?
Manuela Seitz, et al.
Icon (1.1 MB)
A Sequential Estimation Approach to Terrestrial Reference Frame Determination: Advantages, Limitations, and Perspectives
Claudio Abbondanza, T. Mike Chin, Richard Gross, Mike Heflin, Jay Parker, Benedikt Soja, and Xiaoping Wu
Icon (730.6 KB)
Limiting Error Sources Affecting the Geocenter Motion & GM Estimation
Alexandre Couhert
Icon (3.8 MB)
Geocenter Motion: Current Status and Objectives of the Proposed IAG Working Group
Kristel Chanard, et al.
New JWG on the Consistency of TRF, CRF and EOP: Status and Plans
Manuela Seitz and Robert Heinkelmann
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Site Survey and Co-location:

US National Geodetic Survey - Recent and Planned Local Site Survey

Ryan Hippenstiel and Kendall Fancher
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IGN Recent and Planned Local Site Survey Activities & Contribution to the EURAMET GeoMetre Project
Damien Pesce and Jérôme Saunier
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Is There a Need for a New Working Group on Local Ties?
Xavier Collilieux
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Closing Session - Summary and Discussion of Recommendations:

DORIS Systematic Errors and Biases
Hugues Capdeville and Petr Štěpánek
Icon (96.8 KB)
GNSS Systematic Errors and Biases
Michael Moore
Icon (9.6 KB)
VLBI Systematic Errors and Biases
John Gipson
Icon (87.3 KB)
SLR Systematic Errors and Biases
Cinzia Luceri and Erricos C. Pavlis
Icon (378.8 KB)
Gravity Models for POD
Erricos C. Pavlis, Jean-Michel Lemoine, and Michael Moore
Icon (384.7 KB)
Global Space Geodesy Infrastructure
Michael Pearlman
Icon (888.6 KB)
Standards, Conventions, and Formats
Nick Stamatakos and Detlef Angermann
Icon (105.4 KB)
DOIs for Geodetic Data Sets
Allison Craddock and Kirsten Elger
Icon (155.9 KB)
Global Unified Height System
Laura Sánchez
no presentation
Reference Systems and Frames
Zuheir Altamimi, Richard Gross, and Manuela Seitz
Icon (65.4 KB)
Site Survey and Co-location
Sten Bergstrand and Zuheir Altamimi
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